Horizon changed the way my company does business online. Instead of the same social media pages every other company is using, our website gives our brand a unique storytelling medium.
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Marcus Smith Company CEO
Your company deserves to have its story told on a website that reflects the quality of your products and services. Never settle for less. Make Horizon part of your company's image.
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Dan Jacobs CEO Boss
RocketTheme has been creating cutting-edge templates and themes for over 15 years. Horizon brings the latest in web technologies and website composition to your site.
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Sharon Winn Company Marketer
Patrick Noe
Patrick Noe
Cluster Complementaire Bedrijven

Het manifest

FEBEPOL - Belgische Federatie van Betonpolierders – is een landelijke beroepsvereniging die de sectoriële belangen wil verdedigen van alle ondernemingen die actief zijn in de aanleg van gepolierde betonvloeren.

De steeds veranderende context waarmee deze sector te maken heeft op vlak van technische regelgeving en sociale en fiscale wetgeving, de tewerkstellings- en mobiliteitsvraagstukken, maar tevens de toename van problemen van technische aard, waren dé belangrijkste argumenten om deze vakgroep op te richten.


Febepol maakt sinds 2012 deel uit van de Cluster Complementaire Bedrijven  van het bouwbedrijf (FEDECOM vzw) die op zijn beurt behorende tot de Confederatie Bouw.

+ Innovation

Horizon is innovation personified. It is built from the ground up to fit the needs of brands large and small, on the powerful and versatile Gantry 5 framework.

+ Collaboration

The RocketTheme team has over a decade of experience building templates and themes for hundreds of thousands of customers.

+ Creativity

Make your website as unique as your brand. Versatility is core to Horizon.

+ Expertise

Every RocketTheme template is professionally designed, produced, and supported by our industry-leading team.

+ Delivery

Horizon is available on several leading CMS solutions, enabling you to fit the right theme with the right CMS for your business.


Here’s what you can accomplish when you choose RocketTheme.

Start quickly
RocketLaunchers make it easier than ever to create a new website.
Save Money
Buy one theme or subscribe to one of our convenient membership plans. You can save, either way!
Get Support
Our support forums are manned by a team of experienced Rocketeers to help you whenever you need it.
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